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New Life Needed

SGEO Families,


As you know there were about 7 of us that wanted to take the SGEO program over and stop it from folding into another program. During that time right, COVID started and many of the board members left for various reasons. Since then, 3 of us and the Director of Coaching stayed on and tried to limp our way through COVID to keep the program alive. Every month we continue to try and secure space for training. Unfortunately, the schools were not allowing programs such as ours on the fields. We still have the grass fields, but no staff to get it going. The tractor will need to be replaced or fixed and much more as far as securing space for any type of practice. Not to mention the continuous emails and calls to try and get the refunds back for the cancelled tournaments and normal games. While SGEO refunded everyone, those funds were never returned to SGEO, but we keep asking for them. We have had many challenges. Now  have reached the time where others will need to step in and take over. The president of the club has recently been selected for promotion at work and can no longer sustain his position. The vice president was transferred to another area as his job moved him there. The VP continues to help remotely, but once we get going, he won’t be able to physically be here. The Director of Coaching has also been promoted within her job and she is obtaining her MA. Finally, the vice president of committees has been selected for a promotion in his job, which has really made it impossible with increased travel and  has led him away from being able to support the program like it needs and wants to. Right now, we are in remote mode, but soon the fall season will come and there could be an opportunity to get the program back to work. Unfortunately, the current board is  unable to achieve this and possibly the fields may not be available still through the schools.  

This email is to ask anyone out there that would like to run the program, and help the many families that are still looking for that affordable solution to play one of the best sports out there! If there is anyone interested in a board position, please send us an email describing what you are looking to do and why you would be a good fit. Remember,  it is a business and we must make decisions that will work for the business, if we are unable to get anyone viable into the positions to lead the program. We will look to secure the SGEO program and assess the options to be put into motion by October 2021.

Thank you all for your help and continued support for SGEO.  

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