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COVID-19 Updates & FAQ

COVID-19 Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Will there be an SGEO Soccer Club program offering this year? 

Yes! Not only are we planning to maintain our status with respect to the Recreational and Fusion programs, we will be expanding our club by implementing our new FUSION Select program! We are excited about our growth and look forward to a great new year!


2. What will the cost structure be for the 2020-2021 season? How will the player fees be impacted if we are not on the field in May or June?

The board of directors recognizes the impact that COVID-19 has bestowed upon the club. As we navigate through the upcoming months the board will re-evaluate the year-round FUSION Premier programs for cost savings. Since Recreational and Select programs do not participate in year-round season, the costs will remain unchanged. You can find more specific pricing information under each program page.


3. When will the SGEOSC 2020-2021 season start?

SGEO Soccer Club supports the local leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic. The board of directors will follow the established guidelines and support the local community. Once the leadership has deemed it to be relatively safe to return to a new normal, SGEO will start to reconstitute in a safe manner. The reconstitution will mean implementation of new safety protocols not normal to our club, we ask for your patience and understanding. Once the local leadership, community, and the board of directors determine a safe path forward we will notify everyone via social media platforms.


4. Can I still sign up for Recreational Select/FUSION tryouts and team placement?

Absolutely! As we navigate the pandemic, SGEO soccer club is looking for unique ways to recruit existing and new players. We have been in contact with PSPL and other local clubs, with a unified approach our next season recruitment will be in line with the PSPL guidance.

Please visit our Registration page for team placement and full season registrations:


We want everyone to play! If you have any questions please email us at or feel free to reach out to any one of the board members listed on the board member page. We are in this together!

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